Cunter's band motto is simple: "All intensity, all the time". They write short punk/hardcore songs with such ferocious intensity that the listener is left feeling violated and abused. There is no mercy. No time to recover. It's a sonic assault to the senses that will pummel you into the ground.

Though Cunter was formed in just 2009, they certainly don't lack experience. These experienced musicians have been touring in other bands, including Moneen and Alexisonfire, for well over a decade now. Their live show is proof of that, displaying a band that is bent on destroying your face with such speed and volume that one will be left with permanent whiplash.

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Cunter has already been threatened to be sued multiple times for various reasons. Right when it would appear that this band had been beaten and broken down, they have overcome adversity and are stronger than ever.

The band’s first EP's were released on 7-inch vinyl by Dine Alone Records. This was followed by the release of their first full-length CD titled "10", and a follow-up record titled "20". The titles of their albums are simply the total amount of songs they have written to date. Their latest album, "27", was released this summer by New Damage Records.

This will not be a departure album. If one is expecting this band to grow old and soft they can forget about it. "27" will melt your brain and keep it on simmer. It is relentless in it's intensity, arguably their fastest and most crushing record to date. Prepare yourself for mass destruction of short, epic proportions.

See you in the pit.

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