BIBLICAL is a ferocious beast of a band that deftly reconciles Motörhead swagger with Bad Seeds dread.Their debut EP offers a thoroughly satisfying listen that will delight any fan of guitar-based rock music with filthy tones that move between tense, fast-paced burners and sludgy organ-drenched breakdowns. Pop Matters called the release “a grand debut” while stoner aficionados The Obelisk praised the band’s sound, noting "Biblical's swagger is definitely their own.” 

In March 2014, New Damage Records released BIBLICAL’s debut full-length Monsoon Season to unanimous acclaim from rock and metal press. Lauded by Pitchfork as a“climactic, Red Sea-parting surge of narcotic guitar” Monsoon Season is a thunderous opus of haunted psychedelia. Get acquainted with the band today. 
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